Drunk Driver Killed 3rd Grader’s Father & Changed His Life Forever (TRUE STORY)






I am the first person that want’s to go to a place like this party & chase women & have the time of my life Vegas, Sin City anything and everything happens here. Take a few minutes and find out what happen to this kid, this kid is me!!! Just take a second and think before you get behind a wheel and drive a car

I am a 50 year old man. Living Life as it comes to me. I work in the insurance field, as an insurance inspector. I have been to many places around the United States and Mexico. I am looking forward to travels in places that are new to me. I have had happy times in my life and some very sad times! As a young boy, my father was killed by a drunk driver.when I was in the 3rd grade. I was devastated at that time! I kept asking myself why me? Why Me? You never know how things may affect you in your life. I have had friends kill there self. I pulled a young man in his early 20′s out of a burning car that side swiped the car in front of me. I had to hit my brake very hard, and swerve into the on coming lane to ovoid him hitting me head on. He hit a tree and his car burst into flames! By the time, my brother and I reached his car. The front of the car was full of flames. I could not get to him through the drivers side of the door. The car was on the edge of the inter-coastal waterway. I had to get to him through the passenger side. It was just after midnight and the young man was difficult to see. The only light was the flames coming from under the hood onto the windshield. From what I could see, his head was bleeding and he was slumped over the steering wheel. By this time, the car was burning up, I could not see out the windshield. All I could see was the flames! I was determining not let this young man burn up in his car! It had to be only a few minute since the accident but it seemed like forever. My brother keep yelling at me come on, come on the car is going to blow up! The young mans legs were pinned under the dash. By this time, my brother new I was not going to leave him. He climbed into the back seat. He had to reach over to pull his legs out from under the dashboard. I had him under his arms pulling as hard as I could to try and free him. After what seemed to be an eternity, that could not have been a minute or two. We got him free!

My brother (Chuck Wigley) and I carried him to a safe distance from the car. We both looked back at the car it was completely engulfed with flames. People were starting to gather and the fire department and paramedics had just arrived. While the paramedics were attending, the young man a man came up to my brother. He said I saw what had happened. When I pulled up, I saw the car on fire and thought oh my god whoever is in that car is dead or going to die in the fire because the flames were completely covering the windshield. Then I saw you two guys come out of the car. I did not even see you there were so many flames! That has got to be the bravest thing I have ever seen anyone do! The thing about it is. I never one time thought about it. It never crossed my mind, all I knew was I could not let this kid / young man burn to death in this car. Now here is the sad part if not all that was bad enough. The young man was dead! The paramedic said he was probably dead when he hit the tree! His neck had been broke and more than likely died on contact. This sad story did not have to happen like my father before him. The young man had been drinking! The whole tragedy could have been avoided if he would not have been drinking and driving like the man who killed my father 40 years earlier.

There are times in life that when a moment like this arises, you never know what you may do. All you can do is hope and pray god will give you strength and guidance to help you make the right decisions. Whether it is pulling a young man out of a burning car or to give you, the strength and guidance to not let pier pressure allow you to drink alcohol and get in a car in drive. Here is what I have learned the hard way through loosing my father as a little boy. I didn’t understand at the time why all this was happening! I kept asking my mother why me? Why is this happening to me? Why did I have to loose my father? Yah know 40 years later and this kind of tragedy is still happening. I don’t know if that young man had any children, but he did have a father. He did have a mother! We as adults need to talk to our children and make sure we not only spend time with them’ but to learn how to communicate with them so we as parents can teach our children our own life lessons. So tragedies like the ones I have experienced don’t happen to our children or some mother and father that get a knock on the door in the midst of the night. To hear a policeman say, I am sorry to be the one to tell you there has been an accident! Your son or daughter is dead! A drunk driver hit her or he and she did not make it. The reality of it is. There is no excuse. It was not an accident! No one should get behind the steering wheel of a car or truck and drive intoxicated. There is someone’s child that will loose his mother or father. There is a mother or father that will lose there child and think about it! There is no recovery from that. You will hang on to that until the day, you die and hopefully that day, when it come will be from old age.


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